Corrupt Video File Repair Software

  • Has best intuitive user interface so that even novice user can use this to repair corrupt video filesCorrupt Video Repair
  • Efficiently supports corrupt video repair on both Windows and Mac platforms
  • Can be used to repair different video files such as MOV, MP4, etc of any size.
  • Instantly allows users to preview the repaired video file with utmost ease





Video files are one of the best possible way to presents one’s point of view in a very interactive way. We usually create any video file on different occasion such as marriage, birthday, picnic, project related, and various others. Each of the video file has its own significance and hence, if due to any reason it gets corrupted or damaged then it results in some awkward behavior of video file. If you are suffering from such kind of problem then all you need to do, to fix it is implementation of Corrupt Video Repair software as soon as possible. This application scans damaged or corrupt video file in few seconds of its execution and repair corrupt video files in the exact same format.

Any of the video file can get corrupted or damaged due to plethora of reasons. A few of the commonly occurring one’s are detailed as follows:

Virus Attack: Viruses are small programs that are capable to make some changes in any of the file so that they start to function in abnormal way. If such notorious program leaves an impact on any of the treasured video file, then it can result in corruption of video file. Once such a thing happens every time users try playing video file some error is reported.

Error While Changing File Format: Many a time we need to change file format of the video file to achieve certain task. While changing file format via any third party software, if any kind of interruption or freezing of software happens then it may result in corruption of video file. Besides these reasons usage of unauthenticated software for converting file format of video can also cause corruption of video file.

Improper Closing: Opening or closing any of the video file is common task. But, if we close any of the video file in abrupt or forceful way then it may result in damage of video file. Some of the common reasons for closing of video file in forceful way are power failure, operating system issues, video player crash, and many others. As this kind of corruption happen we are compelled to start search for query like how to repair corrupted video?

Improper Downloading: Many a time we download some of the video from internet to meet our needs. If while downloading such a video file internet connection isn’t working fine or downloader or server is not reliable then it may result then it may consequently corrupt the downloaded video file.

Error while File Transfer: One of the common things that we do with any of the file such as video is transferring them from one saved location to another. If such a simple process gets interrupted due to any reason then it may result in corruption of the file header. Since, each of the details of video files is saved over the file header, therefore, if gets corrupted, then entire file becomes useless.

Bad Sectors: Bad sector is a memory space area of any storage device that is damaged permanently. Bad sectors usually get created due to repeated formatting of system, improper usage of drive or due to dust particles. If any of the video file is saved over such memory space area then it may consequently corrupt the video file.

Improper Recovery: Many a time we may accidentally lose any of the important video file due to different reasons. After such a thing if we make use of improper recovery software then it results in corrupting video file. This is the reason why many industrial expert mention to common users to always make use of reliable recovery software.

As video file corrupts, different symptoms can be experienced by the users, a few of them are mentioned below:

  • Delivery of different error messages while playing video file
  • Seeking of video file
  • Video playing in choppy way on QuickTime
  • Video file not playing on any of the player
  • Audio video sync problem encountered while playing 

Some of the precautionary measures that any of the users can follow to ensure that video file corruption may not happen in future are:

  • Never close your video file without following proper procedure
  • Always have reliable antivirus installed over your system, to ensure that no virus related corruption can happen
  • Always have backup of important video files
  • Never commence video file conversion on software which is not reliable

In case if your question is how to fix corrupted video file after you have failed to follow above mentioned measures and have got corrupted video file, then simply make use of this software to repair corrupt video files in a very effective way. This Corrupt Video Repair application has one of the best user interfaces that allow users to understand how to fix corrupted video files in effective way.  Usage of this Corrupt Video Repair software is quite easy because it is fully automated software. Some of the video files users don’t wish to repair their corrupt video file due to fear of snooping or eavesdropping. This Corrupt Video Repair application is just read only software therefore; there is no concept of any data theft. Corrupt Video Repair can be applied for different codecs such as avc1, sowt, mp4v, mjpeg, RAW, and mp4a.

This Corrupt Video Repair software can be applied on different Windows and Mac operating systems such as Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Mavericks. Corrupt Video Repair not only help to conduct corrupted video file repair that are saved upon computer or laptop hard drive, but can also be used to find an easy solution for question like how to repair corrupted video files from different storage devices such as memory card, pen drive, external hard drives, SSD drives and various others. The mechanism followed by Corrupt Video Repair is quite simple, i.e. it repairs both audio and video streams separately and later adjoins them to make a new video file.This corrupt video file repair software is capable of to perform corrupt GoPro video repair, and fix video files of Kodak, Nikon, Casio, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm, iPhone, Sony and other brands of cameras. All the discussed scenarios for video file corruption can be easily resolved by the use of this utility.

Simple Steps for Repairing Corrupt Video on Computer / Laptop:

Step 1: After downloading and installing Repair Corrupt Video tool on computer or laptop, you need launch the Main Screen as shown in Figure 1.

Corrupt Video Repair - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On the home screen you need to choose one healthy video file and one corrupt video file. After making the selection click on Repair option as shown in Figure 2.

Corrupted Video File Repair - Select Corrupt Video File

Figure 2: Select Corrupt Video File

Step 3: As repair process gets completed you can preview the repaired video file as shown in Figure 3. In case you are satisfied with the output of this software, you can save the repaired video file by purchasing the full version of this tool.

Repair Corrupted Video Files - Preview Repaired Video File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired Video File